Cover image for EME event 'TYRANT'

October 17, 2017 - October 22, 2017 - 8:00 pm (Halifax Canada)

This October, The Villain’s Theatre presents Tyrant: a horror play. A twisted new adaptation of Thomas Middleton’s Second Maiden’s Tragedy – an early-modern script too debauched to survive the Victorian era – the production brings us to the depths of a new society that has emerged from the wreckage of a vicious civil uprising. At the bottom of the heap is the forsaken ruler Govianus, who has been ousted by a usurper known only as the Tyrant. As a final act of triumph, the Tyrant sets out to win the heart of Govianus’ love, a noblewoman of the court. She has her own ideals and will go to any lengths to preserve her freedom, but not even the grave can stand between the Tyrant and his dark desires. It is up to those that oppose him to stand up against his horrific acts – to find the courage to resist.

Directed and adapted by Dan Bray and featuring original music by composer and performer Garry Williams, the cast also includes Nick Cox, Sarah Deller, Audrey Eastwood, Ira Henderson, and Colleen MacIsaac, with stage management by Olivia McGinn, lighting design by Matthew Downey, set design by Patricia Vinluan, costume design by Emlyn Murray, and choreography by Holly Arsenault, with apprentices Kasey DeVries, Jessica Oliver, and Kelsey Stanger.

For more information, visit http://villainstheatre.com