Not You, Jon McKiel, Rabies, Thick Business at the Seahorse

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October 21, 2017 - October 22, 2017 - 9:30 pm (B3K3B1 Halifax Canada)

Halifax Pop Explosion Oct 18-21, 2017

Not You (Halifax, NS)

Over a year, jams by the ocean propped up by guacamole and muffins produced a flavour of 90s-style rock—spooky and sweet harmonies, punk beats, floating guitarmonies, substantive alt-rock. Influenced by Wipers, ABBA, and high school guilty pleasure music. It’s called slippergaze, I think.

Jon Mckiel (Sackville, NB)

Recorded in the nether regions of Nova Scotia with analogue guru Jay Crocker, the album’s overall sound is warm and worked-in. The raw performances (caught straight to tape) showcase McKiel at his most rugged and versatile, recalling in turn the anthemic restlessness of early Kurt Vile and the delicate thought-play of Chris Cohen. Regardless of its mood, the alluring lyricism and in-the-pocket playing makes the blues-inflected Memorial Ten Count a testament to deep chemistry.

Rabies (Halifax, NS)

Rabies is the band you’ve been waiting for. Emotional but not emo. Hardcore but not hxcx. Pop without the pop. Plenty of synthesizers too!

Thick Business (Boise, ID)

You know that dream you had last night where it was raining but you were feeling good so you went down to your favourite disco to warm up and chill out and all of a sudden David Gilmour comes up to you from across the bar and asks to dance with you but he just keeps trying to yell over the music about all his past relationships and its getting really heavy but then he apologizes and smokes you out and the night ends with everything turning into crystals and elves and sh*t? Thick Business was the band playing your dream disco that night.

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