The Climate Change Movement in Atlantic Canada

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March 18, 2018 - March 18, 2018 - 2:30 am (B3Z 1H3 Halifax Canada)

We know there are no more chances. It is not going away, and today is the time to get it right in dealing with the climate crisis. Our world will live with it for the rest of our history, just as we have lived with the 20th century legacy of nuclear war. Our shared duty now, as one people, is to protect and repair our Earth, even as we prepare ourselves for its future unknowns.

This was the statement that came out of the 60th Anniversary Pugwash Conference, held at the Thinkers Lodge, Pugwash, NS, September 28-October 1, 2017. Armed with this conviction, 60 years after the inaugural Pugwash Thinkers Retreat on nuclear disarmament, 24 global and regional thinkers, representing all aspects of community life, gathered for two and a half days of intense, intentional and focused conversation on Global Warming, the greatest threat facing humankind.

Their next step is to share a vision and action plan with others, and to help start a Climate Change Movement in Atlantic Canada.

Join us to hear about this movement, and the steps that are being taken at community levels across the region. A Roadmap document is available, and a video documentary on the retreat will be presented.

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