3rd Annual Tattoo Fundraiser for the Bunnies

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June 2, 2018 - June 2, 2018 - 9:00 am ()

**This event is being posted well in advance, firstly because I have the time right now to do it, haha, and secondly, so it will already be in your calendars when you start planning your weekends once the warmer weather starts.**

This will be our 3rd year having a tattoo fundraiser fully dedicated to 10,000 Carrots Rabbit Rescue, an amazing, local and very much needed non-profit charity that helps rescue abandoned and unwanted rabbits (a massive problem in Nova Scotia, sadly) find new, loving, forever, indoor homes. I have personally adopted five amazing bunnies from them, and have also fostered for them.

We will have all kinds of things going on! Starting with the obvious- tattoos, and big news! This is the first bunny fundraiser with a SECOND amazing artist! So we can fit more tattoos into the 12 hours than usual! YAY! The super sweet and incredibly talented LISA SMITH from ADEPT TATTOOS BEDFORD will be joining us. Custom designed animal related tattoos will be available at a discounted flat rate with 100% of the profits going to the charity. There are always cool door prizes and contests you can enter, so it’s a win-win. :-)

As usual, there will be a new bunny t-shirt design to be revealed closer to the date!! We will have on hand one in each size to see/try on if need be, but it will all be done via an order placed the following weekend after the event. You won’t need to attend to get in on the t-shirt order, but why not pop down anyway and see the amazing things we have going on!

There will also be some bunny related art and other merchandise for sale, and my personal favorite- a BUNNY KISSING BOOTH with a few of the adoptable bunnies from the rescue. Last year, an ADORABLE bunny found his forever family at this event- lets make this happen again!

Come get a tattoo! Come get a t-shirt! Kiss a bunny! All the while saving bunnies. :-) This event is a BLAST and is a great way to spend a Saturday. :-)